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Keenan leads KHL team to title 20 years after Cup win

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Twenty years after leading the New York Rangers to the Stanley Cup, a Keenan team hoisted a different championship trophy, the KHL's Gagarin Cup.
   In his first season at the helm of Megallurg Magnitogorsk, he led the team in central Russia to the championship, defeating Lev Prague in Game 7 on Wednesday, 7-4.
   With the win Keenan makes history as the first coach to win both the Stanley Cup and the Gagarin Cup (of course, not many former Stanley Cup winners have tried to win the Gagarin but that's beside the point).
   As part of the celebration in a sight that probably most North American hockey fans never thought we'd see, the team celebrated with Keenan, hoisting him up and tossing him in the air.
   Apparently his team really liked seeing their fiery coach going after the referees a couple days ago.

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