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Bruins' Lucic: No apology for handshake line behavior

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The game was overshadowed by what happened during the traditional end-of-series handshake line, however.
   Bruins forward Milan Lucic made threats during what is supposed to be the NHL's parade of good sportsmanship, to various Habs players including forward Dale Weise and defenseman Alexei Emelin.
   That brought about much debate about Lucic, sportsmanship, class, “what's said on the ice should stay there,” and even the necessity of the handshake line itself.
   There's a time and a place for that kind of behavior and it really doesn't seem like the handshake line is the right venue for it.
   Lucic is probably right in that he is not the first or last person to not be so kind during the handshake line.

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