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Peyton Manning promises more 'Omaha!' shouts

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Peyton Manning came to Omaha to show the city some love in return for the love it showed him during the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl.
   Manning has been using the city's name as part of his pre-snap routine for years, but his ''Omaha!''
   Before the banquet, the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce presented Manning a check for almost $70,000 for his foundation for at-risk children.
   The Omaha zoo named a newborn penguin ''Peyton,'' and Omaha Steaks sold an ''Omaha, Omaha'' variety package of meats for Super Bowl partiers.
   A local ice cream parlor created a flavor in Manning's honor, ''Omaha, Omaha,'' which had an orange-vanilla base mixed with blue malt balls - Broncos colors.

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