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Mike Pettine: Johnny Manziel won't be handed the job 62+ SHARES •

Mike Pettine made it clear before the draft that he'd rather not throw a rookie quarterback into the fire during his first NFL season, but you don't draft Johnny Manziel to clutch a clipboard.
   Cleveland's coach told reporters Thursday night that he still believes starting the year with Brian Hoyer at the position is a wise move.
   "Whether (Manziel) was taken at No. 4 or going at No. 22, it'll be a competition, and I meant that when I said it."
   "I don't think you can hand jobs to people when they come in," Pettine said.
   The latest "Around The League Podcast" provides instant reaction to all the wild happenings in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

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