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Scary start: Blazers discover snake in locker


The Portland Trail Blazers found a surprise when they arrived in the visitors locker room at the AT&T Center before Thursday night's Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals.
   Reserve forward Thomas Robinson discovered a snake in his locker a couple of hours before tip-off against the San Antonio Spurs, spotting it when he placed his shoes in the cubby.
   Added Mo Williams on Twitter: Reserve guard Will Barton, Robinson's neighbor in the locker room, claims he kept calm while hopping up on his chair.
   The Blazers thought that it was a rattlesnake, but a Spurs official said the snake was determined to be non-poisonous before being safely released back into the wild.
   "It's bizarre to have a venomous snake in your locker room," Portland coach Terry Stotts said.

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