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Taylor: It's now or never for Dallas Mavericks' defense


It's now or never for Mavs' defense With backs to wall, players need to show the effort Carlisle has been demanding No one expects the Dallas Mavericks to be a good defensive team.
   No team that starts Jose Calderon, Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis relies on its defensive prowess.
   But the Mavs can play much better defense than we've seen in the past three games against the San Antonio Spurs.
   If the Mavs want to force Game 7 with a victory Friday night at home, they must have these things.
   While Calderon, Nowitzki and Ellis aren't good individual defenders, the Mavericks are capable of playing good team defense when they adhere to the principles Carlisle and defensive coordinator Monte Mathis have put in place.

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